Welcome to Rewkachu Creative. My name is Rew Mitchell and I offer creative results for simple or complicated design projects.
Born in 1975, I grew up as an 80’s child. At school I excelled at Art
and Media and was essentially inspired to continue on to college
with Photography and Art. Eventually I studied Photomedia
at university, a blend between photography and the use of digital art.

Since these early beginings I have gathered over 20 years creative
industry experience in a wide variety of roles and niches. My mind-set
has always been to learn from every project and evolve.

As a person you will find me: receptive, intelligent, diligent
and compassionate - all wrapped up in a 5’1” bundle.

Brochure Design
Exhibition Stands
Point of Sale
Presentation Materials
Promotional Design
Stationery Design
Website Design
Website Management
Vehicle Livery
Video Editing
Relevant Employment History

Rewkachu | 2005-Present | Owner
After being made redundant at Beechwood Music, I was fortunate enough to be contacted
by a well connected Art Director called Kevin Fosbueary that enjoyed working with me.
Until 2016 Kevin supplied me with 1000’s of projects making up to around 70% of my workflow.
Due to the volume of this work, and the level of the brands, I have evolved into an extremely
competent and knowledgable designer and artworker. The majority of these projects would
fit into the Promotional Design category.

During self employment I have also completed design, photography and video projects in
Denmark and the United States, and for clients in New Zealand and Australia.

Swift Catering Supplies | 2014-2017 | Digital Marketing Manager
A flexi-time job during my time living in Cornwall. The management of marketing campaigns
and the design of all digital and print materials.

Beechwood Music | 2001-05 | Studio Manager
The day-to-day running of a record company’s design and print studio team. During this role
I learned an incredible amount about reprographics, something that I feel sets me apart from
many designers in today’s world. I also learned how to liase with, and listen to clients.

Bourne Publishing | 2000-01 | Junior Designer
The production of black and white advertisements for national newspapers. This role was my
introduction to the creative industry and it was at this early stage I learned about the industry’s
dependence on deadlines, and how to manage an effective workflow.
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