Limited website offer
for Surrey only!
50% OFF until March 31st
Was £1200 Now £600 
No hidden costs! We are upfront about everything! We want your local business, and want to make sure you're happy! We are also open to discussing a six month payment plan if you need this. Rewkachu is based in Byfleet, we are keen to gain more local clients.
In today's business world it's not only important to have a web presence, but that very presence needs to be modern. A lot of business owners neglect Google's algorithms and are left behind.

This offer is for a modern website built on the wordpress platform. The benefit of this is that the platform ticks all of Google's boxes, and enables the user to easily write and publish blog articles that can be shared on social media. This is down to the user's preference of course, many wordpress website owners do not use this feature and are happy for their company to just have a web presence. It's up to you.
What this offer gets you
Consultation and contact throughout
Fully Responsive Wordpress Website 
Build of 1-5 pages 
Basic Search Engine Optimization Package 
Hosting for one year + SSL Certificate
Website maintenance for one year
Five email addresses

Looking for more?
It's understandable that some clients need more pages, special features or perhaps e-commerce options. We are happy to discuss any need. Although additions such as this will cost more on top of this limited offer, we will take this offer period into account and come to a reasonable agreement that both parties are happy with.
We can offer a wide range of solutions for your website needs, simply get in touch to find out more or to simply ask questions about how our work can benefit your business.
Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your website.
Thank you! I will get in touch as soon as possible.