Do you need
a new website?
It can be a
mind field right?

It need not be, you just need to find the right person or team, and for them to give you good advice for a project such as this. Before you get started you need to understand that Web Design and Web Development are two different vital fields, which if done correctly should work alongside each other. I am a Web Designer (although I work closely with a Web Developer often), I have the skill and knowledge to create web designs. A Web Developer builds the website with code, and often have limited design skill. This is why the two fields ideally should work together. I have seen quite often, clients paying for a web design without realizing the designer will not build the website. They then have to find a developer to build it. This raises a whole lot of issues, especially: huge unseen costs, and the design changing at the last minute (and not in a pleasant way)!
I offer my designs, along with my colleague's developing skills. The two of us have worked together on many projects. In each case it has resulted in fast problem solving without compromising on design. We can even deal with your hosting and SEO.

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