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Lucy Payne World Champion "If you want it, come and get it!"
This video was to help promote the Awakening 57kg World Muay Thai title. I shot the current holder Lucy Payne throwing out a challenge to any would-be opponents.
The line she uses at the end "If you want it, come and get it" is worthy of note. I come up with the line to emphasize that she was ready to fight anyone.  At the time in the muay thai scene there were accusations towards some title holders that they were avoiding fights to keep their title.
In this promo I also decided to juxtapose Lucy's femininity with her Muay Thai aggression for visual impact.
The Queen of Muay Thai is coming for you
This video was shot in 2012 to promote one of the most anticipated muay thai fights in history. The premise was to state that the most renowned fighter, the Queen of Muay Thai (UK), was travelling to the States to fight their most aggressive and competent fighter Miriam Nakamoto.
Not only did I want to create some more publicity for the fight, but I also wanted to get a reaction from the US camp. If I am totally honest, I wanted to sow a little fear. Julie was not as outspoken as Miriam, who was being very vocal on social media. The video seeked to make a statement. It made that statement, and it indeed did get a reaction from the US camp.  It made them angry. As an artist I cannot ask for more. The point of creating something is to get a human reaction. I went for fear, I got anger, and that still makes me happy.
This was viewed by thousands of people.
Annabelle Shoob Athlete Promo
I was approached by Annabelle to create her an athlete promo video. She had an upcoming important kickboxing fight at the time against a one-time Olympian boxing hopeful. She wanted to get the word out.
On arrival at her gym, I decided to shoot with a black and white output in mind.
I felt I would try using an inspirational music approach to fit the black and white theme.
Ashley Nichols Athlete Promo
One of my favourite pieces of work for several reasons. It is also one of the longest promotional videos as I thought it deserved it.
It was shot in Canada, and the athlete Ashley Nichols can be considered in the upper echelons of the industry. At the time of the shoot, she was trying to get herself noticed by the larger fight promotions. This video was to be a tool for her. I will not take much credit from this for her getting recognition, as she is an incredibly talented athlete and would have been found sooner or later. The video may have been a catalyst however.
I decided to use a grinding hip hop feel musically to fit her Rocky-like work out schedule.  I also decided to spend more time with her talking to camera than I had before. Her bright personality was infectious and I felt it was good to utilize. 
Rewrite Promotional Whiteboard Videos
In this three part series of short videos I was asked to create a super simple and clear illustrative style, to complement the message.
Video Two
Video Three
Danielle West Athlete Promo
Danielle West was an accomplished athlete from the US that needed a promotional video to help her make a push into much respected Invicta FC promotion.
What struck me about Danielle was her brutal tenacity in training. I felt to complement her aggression, her New York attitude and her training style, I would use some Nu-Metal as a musical backing. For the video I would use lots of fast cuts and an overall distressed film look in post production.
I included the last few frames, in full colour without music to show the real human side to Danielle. She isn't unnatural, she's just VERY hard working.
Kate Jackson Athlete Promo
Kate approached me to create her a promotional video for a large fight she had coming up against one of the most well known female fighters (later a UFC title holder).  I knew Kate from previous work, so I was able to make a good judgement on how to showcase her more personally.
She has a quiet, polite and unassuming personality. After seeing her train also, I knew exactly how to shoot the video. Her training partners are all male, not another female in sight, and they do not go easy on her. I believe this is why she trains there.
I decided to use inspirational music that builds. In the first section of the film I cut together plenty of shots of Kate getting her ass handed to her by her training partners. In the second part of the film I introduced more footage to show how she gives it back just as hard. I felt this was a nice fit with the building music.
Lauren Edmunds DVD Teaser Trailer
Lauren is well known in the Taekwondo community, and I have done a lot of creative and commercial work with her.
In this piece, she wanted a teaser trailer created to help market her upcoming DVD about Taekwondo training techniques.
We both decided that using a very fast paced editing style along with a strange aggressive music piece would be the best fit.
Stretchy Saturday Promotional Video
As with the above video for Lauren Edmunds, I have worked with the other Edmunds Sistas numerous times.
In this work, they wanted a promotional video to help them market their large class they hold on stretching.
I decided to shoot them straight for this, without any visual post production effects.
For a video about stretching I need to select some soft but trendy style of music.
Women Fight Back Promotional Trailer
Women Fight Back was an event held for female MMA fighters in the UK. The proceeds went to a charity for domestic abuse. Hence the name "Women Fight Back".
I decided to shoot the event with a gritty feel to complement how gritty and brutal these ladies were to each other inside the cage.
The event sadly didn't get as many ticket buyers as they imagined or it deserved, so I decided to not show the crowd much at all, and instead use fast cuts of other things happening around the event.
The trailer was to help them sell the DVDs and for a marketing tool for the next event.
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