Do you need a designer that understands the importance of your
brand image?

Branding and logo work in my experience is often rushed and not given the full respect it needs. Coming up with the perfect logo or brand name is vital. I can help with both, although it is likely you already have a name! If you are looking to get a logo designed or re-designed, you deserve choices and variations. Based on your budget I use a design process that eventually leads to a logo you can be proud of. This process also works for naming brands in case you are wondering. Essentially these projects come in 3-5 stages. In Stage 1 I deliver a variety of rough logo options for you to choose from. In Stage 2, I further develop your preferred routes. The final Stage 3 will see your favourite design tweaked until we both agree it is perfect! For larger budgets you will simply get more options and we can spend longer on developing different routes.
Do not fall for advertisements on the internet offering logos for ridiculously low prices. There is a very high chance that you will be wasting your time. I have been hired many times to re-design numerous awful logos created by the cheap companies. Show your brand some love and get it right the first time around!

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