Looking for an eye catching display unit
for your product?

The point of a display unit is to capture the attention of passersby and plant the seed for them to try your product. Over the years I have created many display units for brands such as: Coke, Nestle, Mars, Andrex, Kleenex, Gillette etc. I offer two different approaches.

Design and/or Artwork elements only
In many cases a client already has a design or idea, and printer specifications. You would find that with projects such as these, creating the print ready artwork expertly and able to meet painful deadlines, comes easily to me. You would be in the most competent of hands.

Full design and artwork process
This option is ideal for clients who wish the display unit designed from scratch. Once the design is complete and approved, the print ready artwork will be created to the chosen printer's specifications. Again, you would be in competent hands.

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